Audio 1 XDS

We supply all of our affiliates with NEW Pro-Q Receivers at NO cost to the program provider and NO cash cost. Satellite national and global audio distribution and internet streaming with complete consultation on the XDS audio management platform.
Available to All Clients:
  • No Cash / No Network Cost for New (not refurbished or repurposed) XDS-PRO-R receivers (small barter commitment from affiliate).
  • Distribution of live and pre-recorded content Spot insertion, program replacement Time-zone delay/delayed playback
  • XDS Headend allowing for an open full-service network with customer service and managed services including sub managed direct service for ease of programming changes.
  • Uplink/downlink and a failsafe back-up, including direct to affiliate and bypass origination point, with multi-site redundancy.
  • Full In-house 24/7 on-site monitoring and Technical Affiliate support (no third-party services = faster response time)
  • Sub-managed direct services for flexibility

Audio 1 Copy Direct

Easy Copy Splitting All The Way Down To Station Level.
Managing all forms of inventory in one system that will match your exact inventory specifications. Efficient and custom scheduling with all equipment needs, support and execution supplied by Audio 1.
Available to All Clients
  • Sales, traffic, and billing integration
  • Managed services for all copy splitting needs.
  • Dedicated managed services representative.
  • No network upgrades on current automation or traffic system.
  • Copy splits down to station level for all programs and events.

Serving The Broadcasting Needs for Radio Stations and Audio Platforms of All Shapes And Sizes

Audio Distribution is a proven fit for radio or audio programmers big or small. No matter if the need is for real- time delivery to stations or store and forward applications, we can provide Hourly, Full Service or Event broadcasting and there’s no limit to our capability. These services offer content providers easy-to-use and reliable means for distributing and managing content.

Manage Services Solutions

We provide our clients with People PLUS technology with NO added expense. Our 30 plus years of radio broadcasting experience and knowledge allows us unmatched deployment, service, and support.
Available to All Clients 
  • One Hour, Daily or Weekly Programming for all day parts
  • Plug and Play Inventory Management
  • 24/7 monitoring and support to ensure uninterrupted quality of service.
  • Secure facility with satellite hot-site and emergency power to provide 99.9% up-time.


We Can build new portals and websites for all auto capture and affiliate download needs.

Available to All Clients:

  • Ability to copy split for non-XDS stations.
  • Includes auto ingest capabilities for all platforms.
  • Can interface with XDS for compliance and proof of performance.
  • Will include tech development, implementation, and 24/7 support.


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